Carpets are an often-overlooked but room-making addition to any home. Unlike couches, shelves, and coffee tables, they serve to tie rooms together, providing both an aesthetic background and a degree of comfort. Whether a carpet is used as a place for sitting or a shoe depository, they are necessary pieces in every apartment, condo, or house.

In the spring of 2015, I travelled to Turkey to learn about the production and art of carpet weaving and making. Since spending this time in Kapadokya—a region known for horses, wine, and, you guessed it, carpets—I have maintained a strong interest in and passion for carpet care and education. This blog is designed to help those interested in purchasing a carpet. Unsure of how to remove stains? Don’t know which material best suits your needs? If you find yourself asking these questions throughout your carpet search, this is the website for answers.