Frieze carpeting has became extremely popular by consumers over the years. It has long fibers with a high twist and then is twisted three to five times under steam conditions. The fibers are twisted so tight that they curl back upon themselves. Frieze carpet has the upmost performance for high traffic areas.  

  • Comfortable and soft 
  • Hides seams and dirt 


  • Informal appearance 
  • More on the expensive side 
  • Difficult to clean 

Frieze carpeting is more on the expensive side and is less expensive then purchasing premium flooring. The biggest advantage is the high durability that it has to offer withstanding high traffic areas. While they do hide dirt and foot prints, it is very difficult to clean. Being that the fibers are loose and long spills on the carpet run deep quickly. While you are shopping around for Frieze carpeting look for excellent stain resistance. Some companies will offer soil and stain warranties for an additional cost.  
An appealing thing about Frieze carpeting is that is looks good in any room of the home. You can choose a color that matches your decor and is soft and comfortable to sit on the carpet and play games with you children. The carpeting usually will get installed by a professional. The team will come in and tear out the old flooring, lay the padding down and install the new Frieze carpet. Before purchasing the carpeting you will want to go over the Pros and Cons of Frieze Cut Pile Carpet and decided if that is what will suit your needs. 

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