Homeowners looking to add new carpeting to their homes have doubtlessly run across Saxony cut carpet in their search, but what are the pros and cons of Saxony cut pile carpet? While choosing the carpet for your spaces might seem daunting, you’ll feel at ease shopping and deciding which carpet is right for you with the information found here and a simple look at the benefits and shortcomings of this classic style.  

What Is Saxony Cut Carpeting?

One of the most common and traditional styles of carpeting, Saxony is characterized by soft and twisted broadloom woven loop fibers cut at an even length for a flat surface, tightly packed fibers that create a compacted and dense feel and a cut loop pile. The highest quality Saxony carpets tend to use pure nylon fabric of a short length. The rich and delicate feel of the carpet paired with it’s soft and full appearance impart tones of class and tradition. 

Pros and Cons

The main reasons to choose Saxony carpet are the obvious: It is a timeless style that fits with any home. The neutral and inoffensive styling of Saxony tends to complement most rooms and blends with almost any design or color scheme. The carpeting will look at home in a modern bedroom or a traditional living area. However, these same qualities can carry some negatives with them. The homeowner looking for bold statements with their carpet will not likely find their solution with Saxony; Saxony can be received as bland or boring. Another negative is the carpet’s tendency to show vacuum tracks and footprints.  

If you’re looking for brilliancy or vibrancy you might want to try a different style of carpet, but if you’re looking for an elegant, traditional appearance to your carpet, Saxony might be the perfect choice for your home. 

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