Triexta is a synthetic fiber derived in higher percentage from corn glucose instead of petroleum. There are Pros and Cons of Triexta Carpet. The pros include, Triexta carpet is pocket-friendly, it is long-lasting as the fiber is resilient and can almost last as long as or even perform better than nylon according to the manufacturer. Triexta carpet is hydrophobic meaning it doesn’t absorb water or any other water-based products and is naturally a stain resistant fiber and can be cleaned with only cold water, without having to rush to get spot cleaners, which is a very huge convenience. The texture is soft and naturally has a luxurious feel which makes it feel like wool and is excellent for stepping on with bare feet at home. 
Triexta carpet is also environment-friendly since they are made from more corn sugar and not petroleum hence are safe even in the house not only on the outside environment, there will be fewer chances of volatile organic compounds being released inside your home, it is an advantage since volatile organic compounds have both short term and long term health risks. The warranties for Triexta carpet also last longer and is also more comprehensive which is another pro. Triexta carpet offers amazing fade resistance since it is colorfast. 
When it comes to cons, Triexta carpet is a new fiber and has not been around long enough to prove the claims of its amazing features, it does not have a long track record as those of other fibers. 
The Pros and Cons of Triexta Carpet are numerous but the pros outweigh cons. 

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