Wool carpet is one of the popular carpet types that people get installed. Wool can be a tad expensive as it’s the most natural carpet available, and many would consider it in the luxury tier of carpet. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of wool carpet.  

Resiliency — Wool carpet is extremely resilient, which means it’ll keep its shape for the long term. Most other carpets will get worn down and matted over time, but wool is much stronger than average. 
Stain Resistance — Wool carpet is one of the best in terms of stain resistance. Wool will naturally repel oil stains, which will help it maintain its clean appearance. Keep in mind that it is still susceptible to spill stains from juices and dyes.  
Hypoallergenic — Wool carpet is sheared right off the sheep, which means it is usually manufactured without any of those nasty synthetic chemicals you see in other carpet materials. Be aware that some carpets may be advertised as wool but have other materials mixed in with it. These are called “wool blends,” and this information is generally kept under the material list. 

Cost — This is the big one. Wool generally will cost up to five times as much as other carpet types.  
Low Mildew Resistance — Wool is, unfortunately, a great absorber of water. If you have any water damage or moisture problems, you may want to avoid installing wool as it will suck that water up, which will turn to nasty mold in no time.  
There are many pros and cons of wool carpet, but if you’re looking for some luxurious, high-end carpet wool is the way to go. 

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