Nylon carpet is one of the most popular fabrics out there, mostly due to its durability stain resistance. When you think about it, the carpet takes quite the beating each day.  
When talking about the pros and cons of nylon carpet, talking about how strong it is is usually the first to come up. Nylon fibers have a ton of strength and the ability to withstand the daily wear and tear we put on our carpets. 
Nylons stain resistance is also well known, and while no carpet can resist all stains, nylon has the highest resistance out of the bunch. Keep in mind that treated nylon is the way to go if you’re looking into stain resistance.  
One of the downsides to nylon is its cost. Buying nylon will give you the best of the best in the carpet world, but it’s not always worth it, depending on where you want to put it.  
Another con of buying nylon is that it’s not very good for the environment. Nylon is a synthetic material very similar to plastics that are well known to be bad for the environment.  
When researching nylon carpet, one of the things that will pop up is type 6 vs. type 6,6 nylon. Type 6,6 is known as the more high-end version of the two. However, these days you can find a type 6 nylon carpet that is just as good if not better than a 6,6.  
There are many pros and cons of nylon carpet, but the end of the day, if you like the carpet and are willing to shell out a little extra money for the good stuff, you can’t go wrong with nylon. 

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