It is important to remember that all carpets will flatten in time. Some within a month or two, others within a year or two, there is simply no way of knowing how long it will take. Unfortunately, our suppliers do not give any idea as to which carpets hold up better than others, but generally, higher priced carpets will last longer. It is also important to know that as the carpets are sold in rolls, and when they arrive there is a chance that there might be some pressure marks or lines running through the pile. These will usually come out in time, given a couple of months the pile will recover, so always give enough time for the carpet to recover if you have any problems. After-care of your carpet is important. Most of the carpets we supply are made of polypropylene and are very easy to take care of. Many of them are guaranteed to be bleach cleanable. Any items that are bleach cleanable are stated when viewing, but for most of the polypropylene carpets it is possible in small amounts. The best idea is to keep a patch of the carpet you buy and test it for yourself (say by leaving a patch in some bleach overnight and checking for any discoloration). Bleach aside, any of the cleaning products designed for carpets on the market should be satisfactory, but it is always worth checking. The wool carpets we sell are far more hard-wearing and long-lasting, but are definitely not to be cleaned with bleach. The dyes will discolor and you will be left with patches. Wool carpet is also far more likely to stain from contact with certain substances (eg. red wine or curries) so they are worth special care. They are more expensive and of higher quality, but if looked after can last twice as long as polypropylene carpets. Mud and dirt though as with polypropylene carpets, if you allow to dry, then brush off, should come out easily. 

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