Backing is a relatively straightforward topic. Apart from gel backing, the options are relatively simple. Hessian is a natural fiber, is hard wearing and strong. It is however more expensive and as with wool carpets there are risks with natural fibers. Action-backing is much the same as hessian, this is cross hatched material that the carpet fibers are woven into. Most of our carpets come with an action backing. It is strong and durable. With hessian or action backing an underlay is required. We also have some carpets that are made with a felt backing. We have been in the carpet trade for a number of years, and were always told that it is as strong as action backing, but we have our doubts. It is flexible and soft, it can be laid directly onto the floor, making it ideal for a keeping to a budget. 

The price of a carpet is probably one of the most important factors when someone looks to buy a new carpet. Carpets are not cheap and are one of the more costly additions to the home. That being said, there are some important factors to stress when buying a carpet. The most obvious being that a more expensive carpet will last longer. From our own personal experience, a budget carpet tends to lose its life within a few months, whereas a higher quality carpet will last for years. This is not always an issue, but most carpets under $5 per square foot will look tatty and tired within a few months. Piles flatten and quality shows. That being said, a carpet should still last for a number of years as the pile will not wear out any time soon. Most of our carpets or $10 per square foot and up, generally these are carpets that will last for a number of years and keep their natural look for quite some time. A poorer quality carpet will probably need replacing within a year or so, whereas a higher quality carpet will last for a considerable number of years after that. 

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