We don’t actually provide a measuring service, as we don’t have coverage for the whole nation. So the first thing to consider when measuring a carpet is to always measure to the widest parts of the room. This means measuring into doorways, which can make a big difference when it comes to fitting. Usually there is a doorbar in a doorway, so measuring into the middle of that is usually a good idea. Check any alcoves as well. The vinyl flooring we offer comes in 5’, 7’ and 9’ widths, so there is usually a width that will fit with minimal waste. Carpets, however, generally come in 7’ and 9’ widths, so make sure that with any alcoves the widest points are no wider than this. If for any reason you need wider carpet than we provide a skilled fitter can usually fit a join the rest onto the edge (we have contact details for fitters in your area). If the room is an odd shape, an L-shape for example, make sure you measure into the longest parts of the room. In our example picture, you would need to measure Walls A and B as the carpet are cut from rolls. Unfortunately, the rest of the space would be wasted. It is also advised to measure in feet and inches, as that is how we cut it. So briefly, measure longest parts of room including doorways and alcoves. 

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