Choosing the right fiber is a very important factor when it comes to what carpet is right for you. The most important aspects being how long you want your carpet to last or how much maintenance time you think you are likely to have to spend on your carpet. We don’t currently have any other fibers to choose from apart from wool and polypropylene so we will stick to these.  

First: wool carpet. It comes with a price tag, but is generally of much higher quality and lasts significantly longer than man-made fibers. A high-quality wool carpet can easily last 20 years if maintained. They do require care as wool tends to stain, but in terms of durability, wear doesn’t show for a long period of time. When choosing a wool carpet, you have the choice of pile weight, the denser the pile the less it will flatten over time and is mostly harder wearing. Wool carpets do have draw-backs though. One being that they come in fewer colors as they are dyed rather than manufactured in colors. They are an extremely tough and robust material, and usually have some man-made fibers mixed in to maintain the pile, but are more expensive. Things like dust mites and moths are a potential threat as well. Being natural fibers means that they have natural enemies. Insurance can come in handy with a wool carpet. They are however a high-quality option that will last and look great for years.  

Polypropylene carpets are the other option available from us. Man-made fibers are less expensive and easy to maintain. They tend to be bleach cleanable and come in a wide variety of colors. A lot of them are colorfast and hypo-allergenic. And a high-quality polypropylene carpet will keep it’s look and feel for quite some time. Manufacturers don’t give any guarantee on how long a pile will maintain its look, but generally a more expensive carpet will keep its natural look for longer. Apart from being easy clean and versatile polypropylene carpets are cheaper and easy to maintain. They are perfect for someone that decorates regularly and might want to change in a couple of years as they are relatively inexpensive. 

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