First, let’s look at the weave or pile type you could consider. The majority of carpets have a cut pile, which means the manufacturer weaves the carpet fiber onto the backing. It is then cut to give it the effect of the fibers sprouting out of the backing. These carpets come in a range of colors and fibers. And can be used in any location. Generally, these are used for a greater comfort and feel. Most of the carpets we sell are heavy-domestic and even though cut pile carpets are less durable than corded or loop pile carpets, the manufacturing process is of such high quality in modern carpets that very few are domestic quality. A cut pile carpet is a go anywhere, good looking option for any flooring.  

Next, let’s look at a corded or loop pile carpet. The manufacturing process is much the same for loop pile carpets as it is for cut pile without the cutting of the fibers. This makes them cheaper to manufacture and hence cheaper to purchase. There are benefits to a loop pile, other than the price, they also tend to be harder wearing and pile flattening is less of an issue. They are however harder underfoot and can snag as the fiber is woven in one continuous loop. This is usually not that much of an issue, unless, say you have a cat that likes to scratch at the carpet. On the whole a loop pile is good value but less comfortable.  

Finally, let’s look at a Saxony pile. Although we only have a couple of ranges in a Saxony effect at the moment, they are a luxurious alternative to cut or loop pile carpets. They have deep piles and are made for comfort and looks. They are manufactured in much the same way as cut pile carpets, but have been left with a deeper pile for added comfort. These carpets are ideal for areas that require excellent comfort. Some say they are not good for areas that receive a lot of foot traffic as the pile flattens and pools. Although this is true a high-quality Saxony should look good for significantly longer. I was always advised that using them on stairways was a bad idea as the pile flattens and parts with the heavy wear, but generally they are a good looking and luxurious option. 

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