When it comes to selecting carpets, most of us are starting from scratch. We don’t know what type of carpet to look for, which material will best suit our needs, and how to choose the perfect color, size, and shape. The best way to figure out what you need is to research popular options before heading to the store. Hence: this site. However, understanding material and cut is meaningless without understanding their application. Before starting your research, reflect on the following variables to guide your decision-making.  

Room Use—How will the room be used? Is this a light- or heavy traffic room? Is this the center of activity for family or entertaining, and is their direct access from outside? The busier a room, the more durable you’ll need your carpet to be. A busy room should also be equipped with a carpet pad to prevent damage from overuse.  

Color and Style—Of course, you should reflect on how the carpet will fit in with your existing design. However, you’ll want to reflect on a few other variables. If the room will get a lot of use, it might not be the best place for a light-colored carpet. Similarly, if you have kids who are likely to play on the floor, light colors won’t hold up against markers and stains. If your room gets any natural light, you might need to choose a color to brighten or darken the space.  

Cost—Are you installing a carpet to sell a home, or are you redecorating for enjoyment? If you’re redecorating, feel free to explore all carpet varieties. If you’re trying to sell a home, opting for a neutral-toned carpet in a simple style, like a cut pile texture, is your best bet. These simpler carpets are often cheaper than bright and bold alternatives, so you’ll save money and recoup your losses in the sale. 

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