hThough much about a carpet is determined by its cut and style, the durability, look, feel, and price are partially due to the type of fiber used. There are five extremely common carpet fibers: Nylon, Triexta, Polyester, Polypropylene, and Wool. Below, I have detailed each fiber’s composition, price point, and overall impression.


  • Nylon—This fiber is the most frequently used carpet fiber. It is incredibly popular because of its exceptional durability, abrasion resistance, and texture retention. These types of carpets are made in endless colors, varying styles and textures, and come on pet-friendly styles and options for easy cleaning. This is one of the lowest-priced carpet fibers available.


  • Triexta—This is a relatively newer carpet yarn to the industry. It is known for its exceptional durability and stain resistance. It has become a popular choice because of its added softness and fiber protection from stains. It is therefore an excellent option for busy households or homes with pets. This is a branded fiber, so—while it is still an affordable option—it is more expensive than standard nylon.


  • Polyester—Polyester offers excellent color clarity and retention, and it is resistant to water soluble stains. Polyester is also known to have exceptional softness and improved strength and durability. Polyester is often made from recycled plastic bottles, making this an excellent choice for environmentally-conscious carpet buyers.


  • Polypropylene—Often referred to as Olefin, polypropylene is solution-dyed, meaning the color is actually built into the fiber during the manufacturing process. The color is therefore an inherent part of the material that cannot be removed. This allows the carpet to be fade-free, even when exposed to intense sunlight or bleach. This option is relatively expensive.


  • Wool—This is one of the most expensive options for a carpet fiber. Wool is a natural fiber with moderate soil and stain resistance. Non-allergic and naturally fire retardant, this option also has excellent wear properties; the natural fibers restore themselves, making this a great choice for almost any room in your home.


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