As a general rule, we put the emphasis on the functional quality of the carpet in terms of choosing your carpet and offering buying advice for the typical homeowner. That’s why we call ourselves Lifetime Quality Carpets. It’s what we’re all about. BUT it’s not as if we don’t understand that the style choices have a big impact on the overall value of the carpet—both in terms of the inherent enjoyment of the carpet installation as well as any rental revenue or resale value that the carpet may provide. And so, we thought we’d check in with the popular carpet trends and flooring promotions of 2018.


Here’s What We Found

The article that most caught our eye came from the IncStores flooring blog and its post on 2018 Carpet Trends. Basically, it reinforces what we already knew about the larger trends in the flooring industry. Wood and faux wood products are the so-called hottest trends in flooring right now. But the carpet industry is doing just fine with this trend by positioning itself as the chief alternative for wooden flooring. Specifically, wooden flooring doesn’t really offer even reasonable options for brightly colored flooring. Thus, 2018 Carpet Trends—as well as the choices made by key carpet manufacturer and home decorators—is going to focus on the bright colors and square tile designs for which wooden flooring has no direct competitors. Carpet will become something an accent choice to the wood flooring featured in other areas of the home. A powerful 1-2 punch for your home flooring choices as it were. And, hey, if you’re playing second fiddle in a $20-$25 billion a year industry for U.S. flooring, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


What this Means for the Average Homeowner

We always try to bring it back to the average homeowner or resident and their personal satisfaction with their flooring choices. So long as carpet continues to position itself as the chief alternative to the look and feel of wooden flooring, and so long as you’re looking for color—not wood finishing—then you’re looking to find an increasingly wide selection of colors and carpet tile sizes from your local carpet stores. If, on the other hand, the popularity of wooden flooring fades and stone/faux stone tile flooring makes a comeback, carpet may respond offering more traditionally neutral, seamless, and high-end carpeting options. If acid staining and concrete flooring start to become the primary option for colorful flooring—even if it’s only in basement areas of the home—then carpet may focus on stain-resistant products needed for main floor applications.


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