Though you may guard your carpet fiercely, stains happen more often and more intensely than we expect. Below are a few DIY remedies for some of the most common carpet stains.


Red Wine or Fruit Juice—Apply one tablespoon of salt to the stain, then let the salt absorb the liquid. Soak he fabric in a laundry detergent and water mixture overnight. If you are present when the stain occurs, use club soda to remove as much of the pigment as possible. I have also heard that white wine will cancel out a red wine stain, but have never gathered the courage to try it myself.


Coffee—Spray the spot with stain remover and let sit for fifteen minutes. Then, wash the garment in warm water and detergent. Liquid dishwashing detergent mixed with hot water will also do the trick. If your coffee had milk in it, consider using an oil solvent stain remover.


Grass—Grass stains are less frequent but just as pesky. Spray the spot with stain remover and scrub thoroughly with an old toothbrush. White vinegar or ammonia mixed with water are perfect for removing any lingering pigment.


Blood—Though it may be morbid, blood stains happen. Spray stain remover on the spot and let it soak for ten minutes. Rub the fabric together and rinse with cold water. It is essential to use cold water, as warm liquid will only spread the stain. You may also soak the fabric in a saline solution made of two tablespoons of salt and a quart of cold water.


Ketchup and Tomato-Based Liquids—Rinse immediately with cold water. Then, soak the fabric in warm water and apply liquid dishwashing soap. Rub the spot gently to work out the stains. For stubborn stains, use methylated spirits. You can also spray stain remover and let soak for fifteen minutes.


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