When it comes to carpet maintenance, your cleaner should possess both skill and experience. Though you may be tempted to tackle the problem yourself, carpets require a gentle but effective approach to cleaning. Experienced professionals trained in handling delicate carpet fibers are, more often than not, the best option for annual cleanings.


Some homeowners hire household employees to provide cleaning services. These individuals are paid to provide a service in a residence, and often operate as independent contractors. In contrast, a professional rug cleaning service is often a business specializing in the specific service. These cleaning professional will either visit your home—for example, you may need an area rug cleaned—or have a physical location at which you can deposit your carpet.


Carpets are a hefty investment and often irreplaceable—especially for those who harbor a love for antique or oriental carpets. In most cases, hiring a professional carpet cleaner is the best, most responsible option. Though it may cost significantly more, you will rest easy knowing your garment is in experienced and capable hands. Though household employees can easily handle weekly and monthly vacuuming, hiring a professional once each year can significantly extend the lift of your carpet.

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