Though seemingly banal, investing in a carpet is a big moment in any renter or homeowner’s life. Before embarking on your carpet quest, think through the following questions about the designated room:


  1. How is the room going to be used?
  2. What will foot traffic be like? Will people be walking through it frequently, or is the space designed primarily for sitting.
  3. Is the room a center of activity for home use or entertaining?
  4. Is there direct access from the outside?


A good carpet dealer will ask these questions before showing options, but it is always beneficial to have these answers and ideas planned in advance. In having these answers prepared, you will be able to determine the ideal size, color, shape, and material. Once you have these factors determined, you can begin looking at options within your budget.


Here’s a snapshot of a carpet choice for a rental home property. The combination of a dark, muted blue and sensible pile choice has created a reasonable flooring solution for many years in this room. A tenant was nice enough to take this picture while assembling their new bed frame. Years of their previous bed has crushed the carpet in areas, but the surrounding room is still a well-carpeted space.

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